American Debt Enders

American Debt Enders

American Debt Enders

American Debt Enders is an online website that offers you counselling services, debt relief programs & much more under one roof.

Steve Ciantro, a certified credit counselor and the Management Representative of American Debt Enders(ADE), established the company in 2006. Ciantro is also in the unique position of having extensive business experience and personal knowledge. He is well suited to advise on debt issues. American Debt Enders was among the first companies which not only offer free credit counseling but use a unique business model. ADE offers multiple debt relief programs and solutions under one roof. It is a for-profit organization, which act as a channel to affiliate organizations providing the services. ADE is committed helping people to lead a debt free life.

Services Provided By American Debt Enders

ADE helps clients in various stages of their debt problem and find out a solution to come out of that. In today’s complex world ADE offers Self Empowering Financial Solutions and Education in a number of areas. The first step in helping for Debt relief is giving credit counseling to their clients. ADE provides Referrals to Credit Counseling services at free of cost.

A Debt Management or Debt Consolidation program is formed to payoff the unsecured debts, usually credit cards. So it is also known as Credit Card Consolidation Program. This is for those individuals who have more than $ 5000 in credit card debt, having high-interest rate. The individuals avail the facility to make one monthly payment at reduced interest rates and have the debt paid in full in less than 5 years.

The main aim of this program is to have a control on the client’s debt situation to establish clear goals, to get the debt paid off and reduce payments. The bank controls this program. The newly monthly payment and the lower interest rate is per-determined by the bank the credit card is with. Individual’s ability to maintain the reduced credit card payments is also considered. If they are unable to sustain they will be dropped from the program

Debt Settlement Program is designed for those, who are in serious debt crises but won’t refer to file a bankruptcy. It is a debt repayment strategy, where negotiation is done with creditors to accept a partial payment as full satisfaction of the debt. Benefits of Debt Settlement Program are that it helps to avoid Bankruptcy, Relief from over whelming debt, Repay your debts in less time.

Below mentioned accounts qualify for AD E’s Debt Settlement Program

Credit Cards,Medical Bills in Collection, Business Loans, Closed Ended Loans, Repossessed Cars, Federal Student Loans, Judgments which are no longer secured, Utilities in the collection and no longer at address.

Credit Restoration is the process of fixing errors in credit reports. This program is for those who are no longer in debt but they want to improve their credit rating. It doesn’t matter even if you have to fix ‘ n’ number of items, you will only be charged a low monthly fee. Lexington Law gives you multiple disputes with the credit bureau at no additional charge. It also includes counseling and informational services, which is focused on improving and maintaining credit scores.

Debt Dispute program of ADE is not a debt settlement program or Negotiation. Under certain federal laws and uniform banking law, the consumer has the right to question debt collectors. In such cases, it requires debt collectors to prove that a debt is 100% legal, whether the consumer actually has an obligation under an express contract with the debt collector. If the debt collector fails to prove the validity of the claim, the consumer need not pay anything.

This FTC(Federal Trade Commission) approved program is applicable to only those

  • Have an unpaid credit card or other debts.
  • Being harassed by debt collectors.
  • If excessive fees have been charged or have defaulted on loans.
  • If cannot declare bankruptcy.
  • Total minimum debt should be at least $5000.


  • 100% refund for any debt a creditor successfully validates.
  • The negatives will be removed from your credit report
  • Stops harassing phone calls.

Consolidating Federal Student Law Debt

Federal student loans are the loans made by federal government, which usually offers low interest-rate and have more flexible repayment options.

  • Lower Interest rate.
  • One time payment instead of multiple payments.
  • Lower Monthly Payment.
  • Flexible Repayment Terms.
  • Restore Federal Privileges.
  • Paying off existing defaulted loans -positively affect credit scores.

Pay Day Loan Debt

One of the main problems that every consumer face, is the harassment calls from the Debt Collectors .Many of them violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. ADE has a solution called Collection Protection which not only reduces the calls but also to seek out those who are violating the Law. Through this program, ADE educates its clients about FDCPA laws and to also identify those who are committing the violation. The main feature of this program is that, if it is proved that your rights are violated, your collector may have to pay 500 dollars per violation. ADE has an Attorney and excellent customer service that assist you with your Creditor phone calls.

American Debt Enders cannot provide any legal advice, as it is not a law firm ,but can provide valuable information and free resources which help their clients to deal with creditor law suit. The main aim of American Debt Enders is to empower individuals to learn to live debt free.

Currently, American Debt Enders are ranked 4th Nationally by Top Consumer Reviews. ADE has formed a joint venture with Infinity Consumer Services. This joint venture program will allow ADE to expand the number of qualified enrollment specialists and counselor who already operate with the same business philosophy. Additionally, ADE has made Netcheck and IKARMA web sites available, where any one can interact with the company and can post their complaints. ADE give importance to the privacy of their clients, they won’t provide information to your creditors about your debt relief program.

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