Purchase Colorful Animal Print Checks

Purchase Colorful Animal Print Checks

Animal Print Personal Checks

Animal prints have always signaled the exotic. Kings and superior people in the society have used these prints on clothes and other decorative materials in the house as a symbol of high class in the same way that animal heads were used as trophies. After a manly hunting trip, the carcasses of animals were stripped of their fur or skin and several processes were used to preserve them for decoration. Animal print checks have the same importance.

In the medieval times, the animal print was more an obvious presence than an intentional addition. The skin of animals were used for many purposes. They were sewn together to make bags to carry things, as rugs and most importantly, as clothing. The skin obviously provided protection against cold to the animals and they were used by humans after killing the animals. This practice carried on into a more sophisticated society and it showed the human power of hunting, even when other methods to acquire food were available.

Animal prints not only signify the power, but also have an ethnic, fashionable look. This is the reason for the wide use of animal print in fashion. The most commonly used prints are the tiger print, leopard print and the snake skin print. There are jackets, faux fur, wraps, dresses and so on. In the earlier days, the animal print was mostly reserved for high quality cloth materials, but nowadays, there are a lot of fake animal prints materials available.

In the same that wealth and power were signified by the availability of the natural treasures at big houses, the animal print checks have a wide popularity among the wealthy and they speak out power when handed over. Designers have used this pattern on numerous clothes and even though they were not very popular at first, the became a big hit in the 80′ and 90’s on modern clothing. Before that, the prints were used mostly on wealthy women gowns and accessories.

Animal print checks are available at special rates for bulk orders and you can order them online by providing the necessary details to be printed on them. You can have different prints in the same check book or the same.

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