Buy Basset Hound Checks Online

Buy Basset Hound Checks Online

Basset Hound Checks

Basset hounds are one of the most tolerant breeds of dogs, making them a wonderful companion for children. This makes them a great favorite among people and thus, Basset hound checks were born. This lovable dog can patiently endure much ear pulling and playfulness. They are sometimes referred to as stubborn, though the reason for this is mostly extreme disciplinary actions during training by the owners. They easily shut down when treated harshly but can be trained well with promises of food.

The name Basset is from the French word “bas” for “low”, as a spin off for their short height. The “-et” signifies “rather low”. It is a short legged breed from the hound family. They have an amazing sense of smell and this makes them easily distracted. Interesting scents are usually alluring to dogs and with the keen sense of smell, second only to the blood hound, there is no way of keeping them reined in during walks unless you leash them. There are Basset hound checks that clearly show their keen sens of smell.

Another thing apparent in the Basset hound checks is the distinct appearance of the hounds. They have rather saggy skin and this gives their face a chronic sad look which is part of the appeal people feel for this hound. They have loose, elastic skin and trailing ears which helps in trapping the scent for tracking. They have a wide neck and characteristic facial wrinkles. They also have a wide nose.

Basset Hound Personal Checks

There are Basset hound checks available with all the different coat colors of the hound. They are mostly bi or tri colored and they have loose, shiny coats. The most common colors are black, brown and different shades of tan. There are also lemon tans and bluish or grey tints which are not considered that desirable.

You can order the Basset hound checks online by providing the necessary details and you can even customize the checks. There are different price options available for the number of leaves you want in a book and you can choose different images for each leaf or the same one.

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