Betty Boop Discounted Checks

Betty Boop Discounted Checks

Betty Boop Checks

Betty Boop checks will help you commemorate a wonderful character who was erased off before she could actually rise to full popularity. Betty Boop was created by Max Fleischer (with the help of some other animators) in a more carefree era. She appeared in the Talkartoon and her film series and many comic strips. In the early 1930’s she was quite popular with the child and adult viewers, but the Hays Code for more demureness greatly affected character and ended in her fall from fame.

Betty Boop checks feature the curly haired, large headed and lady like figure of the cartoon character. She was a mix of girlishness with a female allure. She was considered the first sex symbol on animated films. Betty Boop checks show the most famous animated flapper of the age. She was a perfect personification of the typical flapper with a girlish twist.

Betty Boop has a head as little big compared to the proportion of her body, like a baby’s head. This was another attempt to show that the cartoon was aimed at children as well. Her dresses and sexual innuendos, however were aimed at older viewers. Betty’ character shows a teenager struggling with the old world ways of the people, changing views on women and the carefree attitude of the modern era.

Betty Boop checks show her original character in various costumes. She went through a lot of changes in costume after the National Legion of Decency and the Production Code of 1934. By the late 1930’s, she was no longer a carefree flapper and she had gradually reducing curls on her head. She also had a more mature and wiser personality, although she was initially portrayed as a girl with more heart than brain.

The fun and playful Betty Boop checks have creatively captured the lively character who changed the views of many. The pleasing and carefree Betty was more popular than her wiser alter ego which was changed under the Code. She will always be remembered as the innocent yet alluring flapper who captured the hearts of many and then disappeared, even though there were many attempts at resurrecting the character.

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