Cheap Boxer Checks

Cheap Boxer Checks

Boxer Personal Checks

The Boxer checks are a great way for dog owners and dog lovers to show their affection for one of the most loyal family dogs in history. He loves and is faithful to his master and the household, though a little suspicious of strangers. When at play, they are open and friendly. They have a brave and determined attitude during hunting and are used as good hunting dogs. They can easily track and hold down medium to big prey.

The Boxers are neat dogs and are cheerful companions: they make great pets. They are strong and active, requiring adequate exercise to prevent boredom and to maintain a healthy body and mind. They train better with positive reinforcement techniques and the use of treats. With proper training. It can be found that boxers have above average intelligence and skills. Boxers are very protective of their family and require proper socialization.
Boxer Dogs
The Boxer Checks feature the stocky, short haired dogs of a medium dog size in different heart warming poses. The breed has tight skin and come in various colors. They have broad and shot skulls and the muzzle is squared. Boxers have a strong bite with powerful jaws. They were actually developed in Germany, a cross breed from the Bulldog and the Bullenbeisser (which is extinct now, as a result of lots of cross breeding).

Most commonly featured on the Boxer Checks are the Boxer heads which is the most distinctive feature of these dogs. There are Boxer breed standards which say that the head must be perfect proportion with the body. The muzzle must be placed in the right position, with correct length in a ratio of 1:3. There are folds on the face as well, on either side of the nose.

There are different types and colors of the coats featured on the Boxer Checks. The coat is smooth and shiny. The colors can mixed or single and most commonly, the colors are fawn and brindle. White boxers are not as uncommon as they are thought to be. In fact, the most uncommon color is pure black. There are no pure bred black boxers. The Boxer Checks carry most of the dog’s images and you can order them online.

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