In the Securities market an investor should have the right frame of thinking to forecast the change or understand the relationship between the factors and the prices of the shares. A prudent investor should have a proper command over the information regarding the major factors which affect his shares asRead More →

Graphical medium is one of the most understandable medium of information which can be interpreted easily as graphs can include multiple information sets and enables the readers to easily interpret or establish any connection with the projected set of information. Now formulating a graph is not an easy task asRead More →

In a Share market the role of information is priceless, the right information at the right time can make you a millionaire and similarly the wrong information can ruin your portfolio. Information plays a crucial role in the understanding of the market. Interpreting the information is another crucial aspect forRead More →

Information is the key for success in investment be it on any branch of investment like Forex, equity, mutual funds as so on. Getting the right information is the biggest stepping stone to reach for the goal in the investment world. Information can be of many types, some may beRead More →