Credit – Credit Repair Company

Credit – Credit Repair Company


Credit is an online company that offers you detailed credit report for determining the risk involved while lending money to business or individuals.

Established in 1997, by a group of attorneys, Credit is one of the oldest and most reputed credit repair companies. Credit Firm helps in fixing your credit report, by removing the negative items from the credit report and help to improve your FICO (Fair Isaac Co.)score. Credit Repair Companies play a very important role, especially in today’s economic climate. Now a Days many families are facing the problem of bad credit which have a very negative impact on financial health. Poor credit score results in higher interest rates, loan application rejections, getting a job, higher insurance premiums, and mores Do it Yourself credit repair is a time consuming and stressful process, so people rely on professional service to fix their credit.

What is a Credit Report and Credit Score?

Credit Report is a detailed report of an individual’s credit history which determine the amount of risk in lending the money. Credit bureaus collect information and create credit reports based on that information. Lenders use these reports to determine loan applicant’s credit worthiness.

Below information is available in Credit Report

  • Identity Information – Your name, address, Date of Birth, Social Security number, employment details which help to identify you. These factors are not used in credit scoring.
  • Trade Lines – These are credit accounts and lenders report details of each account (mortgage, bank card, loan, etc) which you have opened with them.
  • Credit Inquiries – When you apply for a loan the lender will be authorized to ask for a copy of credit report on your behalf. In this way the inquires appear on your credit report. The inquiries section contains a list of everyone who accessed your credit report within the last two years
  • Public Record and Collections – Your public record information’s are also collected from state and country courts, and information about overdue debt from collection agencies. Bankruptcy, suits, lien judgments etc are public record information.

Credit Reports are maintained by Credit Bureaus

Benefits of Good Credit

  • Employment Opportunities
  • Low -Interest rates on credit cards and loans
  • Chances for credit card and loan approval
  • Low -Interest Rate on personal loan
  • Low -Interest Rate Auto loan with no down payment
  • More negotiating power
  • Get an apartment with no security deposit
  • Avoid security deposit on utilities
  • Confidence

Credit Score is a numerical expression based on the information available in the credit report. Credit Score is a criterion to determine who qualifies for a loan,at which interest rate, and how much credit limits to be given.

Credit Score scales 300-850

  • Excellent Credit 750+
  • Good Credit 700-749
  • Fair Credit 650-699
  • Poor Credit 600-649
  • Bad Credit below 600

Although these are set, different lenders have their own standards for rating credit scores.

Credit Firm is successful in helping their clients, for the removal of the below negative items:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Judgments
  • Tax Liens
  • Collections
  • Charge-off
  • Late payments
  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosures

Features Of Credit Firm

Credit Firm offers their clients a free credit consultation. Through credit consultation, their credit reports are reviewed and decide the step by step action needed to improve the credit score. Credit Firm also conducts a legal audit of their client’s credit reports by a licensed attorney, who also carefully reviews all the documents which were mailed to their client’s creditors. Credit Firm offers you a peculiar customer experience and the utmost priority is on fixing your credit score.

Credit Firm charges a monthly fee of $49.55. The first payment is charged 5 days after enrolling in their credit repair services program. This allows them to set up their client’s case file and to initiate the first round of investigations. All future monthly services will be billed on the same day, of each following month for their services. It doesn’t matter how many accounts clients have on their credit report, they will be charged only a monthly fee of $49.55.Credit firm never bills per deletion, all the services are included in the monthly fee structure. Client’s can cancel the service of Client Firm at any time, no penalty will be charged for the same.


As every credit report and financial situation are unique, Credit provides a customized credit repair program which fit your current needs, goals, and situations. It’s services include:

  • Unlimited Credit Bureau Challenges
  • Unlimited Inquiry Challenges
  • Unlimited Name Variance Challenges
  • Unlimited Address Variance Challenges
  • Unlimited Good Will Interventions
  • Unlimited Escalated Info Requests
  • Unlimited Debt Validation
  • Unlimited Cease and Desist Requests

Credit Firm has an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau. For the last 3 years company has received only one consumer complaint. The other highlighted feature of Credit Firm is that it offers a full money back guarantee to their clients if the desired results are not achieved in the first 8 months.


Credit Firm doesn’t disclose specific details regarding its pricing structure, to the public on its corporate website. Interested customer needs to speak with their company service representative directly. It is not BBB accredited. Customer testimonials or reviews are not available online.

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