Credit Saint Credit Restoration Services Reviewed

Credit Saint Credit Restoration Services Reviewed

Credit Saint aims to provide a range of credit history repair and credit restoration services. It is in business since 2004 and has a strong background in helping people with their credit scores. Credit Saint refers them as a credit restoration service instead of credit repair. They offer additional support to help you in all aspects of your credit health and not just removing negative items.

About Credit Saint Credit Restoration Services

Over the period of 13 years in business, Credit Saint have specialized in credit repair services. It has offered credit restoration services to thousands of people who want to remove negative items from their credit reports and improve credit profile. They believe one size does not fit all and so offers three different kinds of programs to fit everyone needs. The least expensive program costs $59.99 per month, which is more affordable than some other top-rated companies. In addition, they charge no extra fee to pull customers’ initial credit report.

Credit Saint Credit Restoration Services include free consultation services through its team of professional credit advisors. Credit Restoration programs work in 45-day cycles. And at the end of each cycle, customers will receive reports from all three credit reporting bureaus to help them track their credit repair progress. All programs come with a 90 days money back guarantee, which is uncommon with most credit repair companies. Also, Credit Saint BBB Rating is A+, which makes it a trusted brand. Credit Saint has helped clients remove questionable negative items such as

  • Collections
  • Late Payments
  • Charge-Offs
  • Inquires
  • Bankruptcies
  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosures
  • Judgements

What You Get At Credit Saint

This is an online system to track your progress easily and regularly. It offers –

  • Personal Advisors – A team of specialists carefully handles your case and keeps you updated. You will contact the same team members each time you call or email. Also, your team calls you once a month to make sure you stay on the right track.
  • Credit Restoration – More than “Credit Repair”, Credit Restoration program tailored to your needs. They help with full credit restoration, supporting you to build new credit and educating on how to tackle creditors and settle the debt.
  • Help Building New Credit – Credit damage is the only partial thing which influences your credit report. You need to build a balanced report constantly by generating positive history for several months. Your team will develop an action plan for you.
  • Online Account Page – This online system gives your online account page to readily check what’s going on. It displays you with full analysis, and progress reports.

Credit Saint Programs/ Packages

This company offers one of the most aggressive credit services available. The three different levels of credit assistance will certainly fit your personal needs.

Package Aggressiveness
Polish Medium
Remodel High
Clean Slate Very High

The Credit Saint Services and negative item Challenged differs between these packages. To remove all negativity you should go for a package with the highest aggressiveness.

Credit Saint Credit Restoration Services How It Works

Credit Saint’s Programs work in 45-day cycles. At the end of each cycle, customers receive 3 credit reports at home. These reports are your results, they displays which questionable negative items are removed from your credit so far. You should fax, email, or mail these reports to your team, and then check for your progress report update.

  • Step 1 – Credit Saint performs a full analysis of your credit history. They challenge the damage which you oppose and help with a plan to build positive credit.
  • Step 2 – The credit bureaus investigate the challenges received and push your creditors to defend the items from your credit history that you oppose. During this time, you will be implementing the action plan to build necessary credit which will boost your credit score.
  • Step 3 – The credit bureaus release new credit reports with the changes. Your online account page at gets updated with a progress report showing the overall changes.

Credit Saint Cost

Credit Saint Pricing is affordable and one of the best in industry. They do not charge any fees in advance for their services. The first package Polish costs $59.99 per month (billed at the end of each month), plus a $99 first work fee (billed 6 days after signup). Likewise, the detailed pricing of different packages are –

Polish Remodel Clean Slate
First Work Fee $99 $99 $195
Monthly Fee $59.99 $79.99 $99.99


Credit Saint Coupon Code

Credit Saint special offers and coupon codes are available online from time to time. At the time of writing this article a special offer – $15 off your initial fee – any program and Free Credit Consultation are going on. Also, you can sign up to get more discounts, deals, and offers. Check out for incredible great deals available regularly.

Credit Saint Reviews

There are hundreds of customers who are completely thrilled with the results from Credit Saint. You will find several positive customer reviews available online for Credit Saint Credit restoration services. People say the company is expertise in repairing and restoring credit and have a very professional team. You can easily talk to them whenever needed. Customers also mention that they perform an excellent job at cleaning up credit profile.

Many people expressed their gratitude towards them to help during need. Most of Credit Saint Customers reported uptrend in their credit scores within 60-90 days period. All their happy customers are pleased to learn useful things about credit which is something unique to this company. People are happy with their superb customer service and support team who are very informative and patient with clients.

Credit Saint Credit Restoration Services Customer Reviews

Some real Customers testimonials for your ready reference are

  • George is been with them for 6 months and his score goes up every time he monitors update. He says the best changes are in the initial days and have only a few things left. He had bad credit and now it’s pretty much good. His reports say Exp 719 TU 740 EFX 731. He is up from the low 500s.
  • Andrew says this company is best in this list. He had used the services of others but only Credit Saint made raised his score when the others failed.
  • Carrie appreciates their effort as they do what they say to do. She is happy that they don’t make crazy promises and works very well which is worth the money spent. She appreciates the company’s efforts of providing extra information about how the credit bureaus work and how to deal with creditors. She learned many new things about credit which is good to take care of herself and her family.
  • One anonymous customer posted negative feedback about the company. He says this credit repair company made his score of 565 for all 3 reports to a 519. He spent over $700+ on their “best” and most expensive package which was supposed to improve his credit but did totally opposite. His goal was to achieve at least a score of 600 but it kept going down which is just the worst waste of time and money.

Credit Saint Phone Number/ Fax Number

You can call a Credit Saint Credit Specialist anytime from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m EST 24×7 on 1-877-637-2673. You will receive a prompt reply for any questions and they also explain how programs could benefit you. You can also discuss your current situation and they can develop a course of action for your specific case. Alternatively, you can even live chat by clicking the live chat button on the right of your screen. Credit Saint Fax Number is 888-400-4679 on which you can fax Credit Reports and Other Correspondence.

Credit Saint Mailing Address

If you wish to have Credit Saint Address, you can reach them via mail at their New Jersey office. Its full address is

  • Credit Saint, LLC
  • Park 80 West
  • Plaza 2, Suite 200
  • Saddle brook, NJ 07663

Credit Saint Money Back Guarantee

All Credit Saint Programs come with 90-day money back guarantee. If you sign up for any Credit Saint Restoration Service and do not see any questionable items deleted from your credit in 90 days, you will be entitled to a full refund. However, this does not mean that your credit will totally fix during that period but you can see some of your questionable negative items deleted in this period or your money back.


Credit Saint offers a range of credit restoration services which is one of the best in the industry. Their pluses are an online transparent system, affordable programs to match everyone needs, 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and many positive customer reviews. Only negatively is that some people find First Work Fees expensive which ranges from $99 – $195. However, this company is a great choice if you need help building your credit profile and removing negative items. Approach Credit Saint team today and get a truly life-changing experience.

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