Delivery and acceptance certificate

Delivery and acceptance certificate

Delivery and Acceptance Certificate

Delivery and Acceptance Certificate are stand as evidence for products and services rendered to a client. The Certificate states that the service or product meets the conditions set by the buyer and is satisfactory. Though the Delivery and acceptance certificate does not include terms of payment, it is an essential document to prove that the service was rendered and the client was satisfied. The process of payment comes later depending on payment terms and conditions. The Delivery and Acceptance certificate can be produced as evidence if payment is not rendered in time or if the client claims later that the product was not to the satisfaction.

Clients and customers often turn back when time of payment arrives. They state that the product was faulty and does not meet the set conditions which were stated in the requirement document sent initially. Software services to physical products all at some point of time may cause certain errors, some very small which can be solved in a few minutes with amicable terms. But when the client is cross upon not paying because of minute problems, a Certificate of delivery and acceptance will be of great help when suing the client for damages.

Every state has a different form of Delivery and acceptance certificate. The certificates may vary slightly and most of all its important that the Delivery and acceptance certificate meets the Legal format. A normal note of “The service rendered was acceptable / Satisfactory” would not suffice in most cases and a legal attorney would be able to provide you with a format at a nominal cost. Alternatively there are plenty of Legal forms ready to be downloaded at a fraction of attorney charges. Best of all, these are attorney prepared documents which come with a warranty.

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