English Bulldog Checks

English Bulldog Checks

Personal Bulldog Checks

English Bulldog Checks are for those who respect these magnificent animals for what they are. These Animals have a history and plenty of us do not see it. If you are a bulldog lover , You would know the kind of respect these lovely bulldogs deserve. These English  Bulldog Checks are for those dog lovers who love these animals.

English Bulldog Short History

Bulldog, initially was a working dog. Used for Entertainment in Bull Baiting and Bear Baiting, These dogs were used to control a bull in an arena. Bulldogs were used in packs to control the bull and several would die in the process. The way these dogs fought showed a lot about these dogs. They were persistent, pain bearing and unforgiving when they were to do their duties. This was way back before 1835. In 1835 the Cruelty of animals act was declared making bear baiting and Bull baiting a crime in the United Kingdom. Our Bulldogs were left without jobs. Today These English Bulldogs may have lost their job but are loved worldwide for their calmer side.

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