eToro USA – Your Social Investment Network

eToro USA – Your Social Investment Network

eToro USA

eToro is an online trading company that helps Forex brokers to invest wisely in today’s active market.

eToro USA founded in 2007, is a social trading and multi -asset brokerage company. It is a social trading company that connects the trader with millions of other traders. It was born as a Forex broker, not as a social trading company. The company’s attempt to be innovative and up to date than other Forex brokers establishes it as a leader. eToro today, is a global market place, for people to trade currencies, commodities, indices and CFD stocks online. Over 4.5 million users in more than 170 countries are managing their funds through their innovative online investment platforms and active trading community.

eToro provides a unique social networking for traders. They help the traders, by giving a chance to utilize the potential of a varied trading community, into an individual benefit. Through this social network the traders can copy others trade, search for trading gurus, follow other traders and leave comments. Their commitment is to maintain the world’s largest and most trusted investment network. Investors who are interested in Social Trading, can opt for eToro. It provides the opportunity to access information and knowledge of experienced traders.

Advantages of eToro USA

  • Simple to use trading platforms: eToro provide a simple trading platform so that everyone can trade efficiently. Their trading platform is fast and easy to access the financial markets.
  • Responsible Trading: For a fresher, in the field of trading, eToro provide tools to guide and to help them trade responsibly. Traders can easily calculate their risk with the help of trading features like pre-set leverage settings.
  • Social Trading: eToro’s social trading network enables traders to benefit from the vast trading community. Traders can exchange their investment ideas with other traders. This is possible through their live chat traders messaging system or one of the many discussion boards.
  • Personal service for each customer: New eToro customer can enroll in one of their exclusive Trader programs, and benefit forms their personal service culture. Their dedicated account teams support investors investment needs.
  • Learn and practice for free: They provide training, courses, and information to help new customers to become active traders. They provide a free practice account to new customers so that they can practice before start earning as a real trader.
  • Follow and copy the best Traders: Through eToro’s investment network, customers can review the trading history and risk profile of another trader. They can also copy the trader’s trade automatically.
  • Special Promotions: eToro USA provide promotional offers to their customers, which helps them to boost their investment capital.

eToro’s Trading Platforms

eToro offers a range of online investment solutions, rather than one standard platform. It provides a simple trading platform, which gives flexibility to the investors, to trade as per their individual needs.

eToro Open Book: This is one of their main social trading platforms. It enables the social interaction among users, joining all the investors of the community. eToro’s Open Book is now known as Markets Section. eToro is made up of several sections and sub-sections to integrate the social activity with trading and investment. eToro has several functions:

  • It brings together all the underlying, on which the trader can invest with eToro through its CFD’s.
  • eToro gives a chance to operate on them.
  • eToro brings together all the social activities, of the particular underlying, of the eToro community. The traders can view, the opening and closing investor’s position, the percentage of profit or loss, analysis on the underlying.
  • Open Book is one of the two channels to access to the stock market.

eToro Web Trader: The Web Trader is all in one portfolio management platform, with all the trading tools. Through this platform the traders can manage all the transactions and orders. With the new version of eToro, the user can manage his orders, directly from the Portfolio section. The Web Trader can:

  • Personally, enter spot orders to buy or sell in the market.
  • Supervise and manage personal positions in the market.
  • Supervise and manage the transactions of other traders through copy trading function.
  • It enables to conduct social trading activities along with traditional position management easily.
  • Web Trader provides a range of professional technical charts, with the latest analysis techniques.

Mobile Trader: With eToro Mobile Trader app the user can easily access live rates, charts, trading positions and more.

eToro  – Social Trading Tools

To facilitate traders and to enable them to trade successfully, eToro develop few innovative social trading tools. Including the live feeds,these tools enable the trader to filter their feeds, which helps them for their investment decisions.

List of tools

  • Copy Trader: This tool enables the trader on the eToro platform, to copy other traders trade .Like their regular trading accounts they can manage this activity also. With the help of available tools and live trading feeds, the investor can spot a trader. Then after selecting the desired amount, he can start copying the trade.
  • People – Discovery Tool (Beta): This tool helps the investors to find traders according to their specific needs. The investor needs to select the parameter settings, he will get a list of all traders that match the criteria. The user can save the search results or can share it with the eToro Open Book Community.
  • Top Traders Insight: The user can find this tool in the Trading Tools section of the eToro Web Trader. This tool helps to find the 1000 most profitable traders of eToro. This provides an insight of in which market they are investing. It also shows the top 10 most traded financial instruments and the further break- down of its buy and sells positions.
  • Economic Calender: The Economic Calender of eToro USA gives an up to date of the latest news and announcements. Trader takes trading decisions, on the market movement, and this news have a great impact on that.
  • Pips Calculator: This tool helps to find out the value of each pip depending on the chosen instrument and position size.
  • Market News: The trader doesn’t have to look for any other source for the news update. This tool helps to find all the latest news on a single platform.
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