Features which set ‘etoro’ apart

Features which set ‘etoro’ apart

eToro USA

eToro is an online trading company that helps Forex brokers to invest wisely in today’s active market.

Features which sets etoro apart

  • Platforms: To start with etoro uses a simple and efficient platform which can be understood with relative ease and effort. Etoro uses etoro webtrader 2.0 as its trading platform. This trading platform is closely integrated with the ‘etoro OpenBook’. ‘etoro OpenBook’ is a feature enabled by etoro where all the investors are listed and the user can see their activities along with filtering options to sort out the best of them.
  • Communication: etoro has implemented a system of communication platform where a user can communicate with a lot of other users and can also contact etoro experts for advises regarding investing. Etoro has a team of experts who are experienced to advice in queries regarding any market and instruments.
  • Analysis Tools: etoro provides its customers with some of the best tools and charts which helps in responsible investing. etoro has also an innovative system known as a guardian angel system which provides real time recommendations which help match the strategy of the user.
  • Education: etoro is not just a trading platform but is also a provider of quality education regarding the working of the markets and provide lessons on the fundamentals of trading for new and inexperienced investors. etoro has a practice account which is a exact replica of the real trading platform which makes the new customers comfortable when they are entering into the real trading scenario after the training. They even put an amount of virtual $ 10000 for practicing trade.
  • Offerings: Now this is what really sets them apart from other trading platforms. Etoro provides to its customers with some of the favorable trading condition like lower spreads, fast withdrawals, No roll over fees, No dealing desk, No Commissions and Islamic accounts.

etoro has played a huge role in making trading a career for a lot of people. etoro clearly is the future of online trading and uses the revolutionary system of social trading which helps people achieve their financial goals with the help of peers and in the process providing them with an enjoyable trading experience.

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