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Trading is flourishing as an attractive way of living to many people. You will be your own boss, can set your own schedule and enjoy unlimited income by working from home. Since 1997, Forex Club Company is a leading international company in the market of online investing and trading. Forex Club offers a wide portfolio of savings and investment solutions. They provide the platform for online trading and helps clients to make money, by making investments in shares, indices, currencies, gold, oil and gas. Forex Club is the first company in Russia, to create a professional academy of investments and trading. It has successfully achieved international certificate and train their clients about all markets.


How to start trading with Forex Club

Open an Account

As the trading is conducted online you need to open an account to invest in the market.

Use Terminal for Trading

For online trading you need to login to the terminal; via browser(web version),or download a mobile app to your smart phone.

Select a trading Instrument.

Information about all the securities trading in the market will be available in the terminal. To trade on a particular instrument simply select it .You can see the BID/ASK spreads prevailing in the market, accordingly, you can go for BUY/SELL option.

Make Money

You might have heard about the well- known saying, “Plan your Trade and Trade your Plan”. Through experience & market observation, first, make a plan how to trade – then execute it. If you are able to execute it on the right direction, you will gain.

Benefits of trading:

  • Attractive exchange rates better than banks.
  • You can earn from both growth and fall of rates.
  • Trading can be started with any amount of initial equity.
  • Opportunity to earn money every day.
  • Freedom to trade from anywhere.

Trading Terminals of Forex Club

Forex Club Libertex Online Terminal – Unique, safe and convenient online terminal, which allows the traders to trade from any computer and browser without downloading and installing the terminal. For a fresher in trading, it is user -friendly because all the difficult aspects are configured inside the terminal. So there is no need to learn all the financial aspects to start trading. Trading can be done from anywhere at anytime from your smart phone.

Key Features

  • Provides 130 best financial instruments – shares, indices, metals and oils
  • Allows the traders to trade from any computer and browser without downloading and installing the terminal.
  • Ingrained instruments for market analysis.
  • Three-tier protection system of traders personal details

Meta Trader 4

This one is for the experienced and advanced trader and is the world’s most widely used Forex platform. Meta Trader 4 is a downloadable terminal. Two versions are available – download terminal for trading on a computer and native app for mobile devices.

Key Features

  • 130 financial instruments including Bitcoin
  • Two types of order execution are available in Meta Trader 4 – Market Execution and Instant Execution.
  • Free indicators to forecast price movements
  • Provides an opportunity to work on trading signals.
  • Pending orders and trade automization are done with the help of trading robots.

Trading Instruments of Forex Club


The global forex market is the largest financial market in the world, by contributing over $ 4 trillion in the average daily trading volume. The amount of leverage is affordable for the traders. With a very small investment traders can earn potentially large profits.

Oil and Gas

This is a high volatile trading instrument. Supply and demand, Political instability, Economic conditions are some of the few factors which affect its price. The high volatility of the instrument helps to make money on investing both in the short term and long term.


Gold and silver help to stabilize the trading portfolio. Gold is often used as a safe side investment when markets are unpredictable.


This measure the performance of the stock market of various different markets,countries or sectors or type of commodity. Indices give an opportunity to trade on all market at once and make money.


Stock markets help the companies to raise additional financial capital for expansion,by selling shares of ownership of the company. Traders can make the investment for long term or short term,as well as make income on short- term trend changes of these shares prices.

Guaranteed Income, Refer a Friend, Commission Compensation are few promotions of Forex Club.

Guaranteed Income is a simple and beneficial way to make money from inflation. When you fund your account Forex Club offers a guaranteed interest of 9-12%per annum to your bonus account.

When you refer a friend to Forex Club, you can not only trade with your friends but can earn money by inviting friends. For each invited friend, you will get $300 as a bonus.

Get 100% compensation to your bonus account. Compensation is given on the basis of the amount deposited in the account.

Forex Club is one of the largest international Forex brokers. It has been awarded the title of the best broker of the year for a couple of times. Forex Club’s operation complies with the international quality certificate ISO 9001and has opened over 100 offices in 12 countries. The International Academy of Investments and Trading is a partner and also a authorized representative office of Forex Club in Russia and the CIS countries.

Advantages of Trading in Forex Club

  • Depositing accounts and money withdrawal are very flexible.
  • Conduct Efficient Training sessions to their clients.
  • Reviews of financial markets from an analyst.
  • Forex Hedging Strategy (METAFX)
  • Automated Trading (METAFX)
  • Bonus on Deposits.
  • Rebate of commissions charged by the payment system.
  • The NonDealing Desk Technology helps for the instant execution of orders with direct access to bank liquidity.

COMMERZE BANK, BARCLAYS, JPMORGAN CHASE, CREDIT, SUISSE, NOMURA, HSBC – are the 6 world’s leading banks which provide liquidity for Forex Club

Two different International Agencies which regulate Forex Club are Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and National Futures Association.

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