FOREX CLUB For Trading

FOREX CLUB For Trading

Forex Mentor – Forex Trader’s Club


Forex Club is a brand name for a collection of companies that provide customers with online trading platform and other services from almost 120 countries. Forex club helps its clients in trading by providing them with all the tools they need and also providing them with vital information which help them to make excellent investment decisions. Forex club has branches worldwide. In 2011 Forex club recorded a whopping 45000 traders who chose the company’s channel to trade through.Advanced Tactics For The Forex Trader by Chris Lori at Forexmentor

Service Levels

Forex club provides various levels of service according to the amount of deposit. Each service contains additional features compared to lower level. This gives investors of various levels to enter the trading scenario as different levels of service are provided. The deposit amount needed to qualify for different levels can be checked from

Forex Software

Forex club provides the investors with a lot of Online trading platforms or software. The software provided are:

  • StartFx
  • MetaTrader 4 tm
  • Rumus
  • MT 4 Multiterminal
  • Forex Mobile Trading
  • TradeCloud
  • Trading Central
  • Sentiment index
  • Education

Forex club as mentioned earlier also includes educating the investors regarding the market and its behavior. Investors can learn about the various factors or points which have to be kept in mind before investing in a currency or a commodity. Education includes teaching of the various terminologies, chart patterns, market indicators etc.

Benefits of Partnership

  • Earn commission: One of the major benefits of entering into a partnership would be that you will be able to earn handsome offers on commission. Next interesting feature is that you will get to earn a commission if you help in bringing clients into the Forex club.
  • Selection of instruments: Next major benefit would be that the customers who join the club would be in a position to access a lot of instruments which include gold, silver and CFDs (Contracts for Difference) on the prices of oil and other indices.
  • Platforms: A member of the Forex club has access to some of the most efficient platforms available in the industry. Forex clubs contain many platforms which matches different class of users in the club
  • Fast Execution: Fast execution is a necessity in the processing of transactions in a online trading platform. This need is met by the advanced technology used in Forex club and its platforms and instruments.
  • Account setup: Forex club enables its customers to set an account with at most ease and efficiency that customers find their trading experience excellent.

Forex Club is one of the market leaders in the industry with a large scale of operations and the range of services and instruments. Forex Club is an innovative venture which benefits both the investor and the company in their operations. Forex club is the best place an investor can start off as Forex club gives the guidance and the training to invest.

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