Gold and Silver Trading

Gold and Silver Trading

Gold and Silver Inc.

Gold and silver Inc. is a California based company which involves in providing instructions regarding precious metal investing. It also provides the investors with world-class gold and silver dealer services. Mike Maloney is the owner and one of the specialists in the team. Mike Maloney is a industry expert and an author who has contributed a lot of wisdom into this field. Mike’s book “Guide to investing in Gold and Silver “is still one of the most referred books in field of precious metal investing.

Why Gold and Silver?

History itself tells that gold is the only mode of money which has never failed in the history of human beings. Gold has been revalued whenever there is an extra circulation of the currency. Gold is used as a balancing mechanism for the excess money which is circulated through the system. According to Mike Maloney Gold is nowhere near its peak and believes that it is the right time to invest as he forecast a good future for the growth of gold. Next attractive feature of gold is its availability to the investors as per the finding from According to the findings, there is 1/3 rd of an ounce available to all the living people on earth.

Silver on the other hand is a little bit shy compared to gold, the main reason being the low availability of investment quality metal. Silver is also known by the alias of “Miracle Metal” due to its peculiar features and uses. It is considered as the second useful commodity below oil. Silver has a really huge role in industrial scenario. Regardless of the shortage of silver, it has always remained a good investment. Investments in Gold and Silver can also be used for your IRA (Individual Revenue Account). US government allows investment in Gold and Silver Bullions as a way to handle tax through the usage of an IRA.

Distinguishing Features

  • Online Research: Online research is one of the key functions of, The firm provides information regarding the market of gold and silver which acts crucial in making an investment decision.
  • Storage: Storage is a very important in a business which deals with precious metals. has a well-defined vault structure which is spread across places and also provides the customer with maximum safety. The firm has proved successful in maintaining transparency through maintaining a system of provision of custody certificates regarding the receipt of the storage commodity.
  • Educational Programs: Under this customers are given training and guidance for trading with precious metals. Customers are provided a chance to learn about the market in a systematic manner ultimately aimed at ensuring profits for its customers.
  • Shipping System: Shipping facility provided by the firm is one of the best in the industry. After the payment the firm sends the traded commodity from its distribution centers. The firm assumes the risk until the receipt of the commodity by the customer.
  • News: provides the customers with relevant news which influence the price of the metal. The firm also provides the news in time which enables the customers to cope up with the effects of the news.
  • Signup Article Service: enables customers to sign up for free article service which facilitates the customers to stay updated about the happenings in the market.