Investment Magazine | The Prudent Speculator

Investment Magazine | The Prudent Speculator

Trading is relatively complex process which includes the use of facts and figures which is used to interpret any relation and at the end trying to figuring out the possible effects of the information on the prices of the stocks. This is a process which needs expertise on the factors which affects the share market and should know the likelihood of impact on the share market. The Prudent Speculator gives that information which helps the traders in taking effective investment decisions. The newsletter was stared in 1977 by Al Frank and Forbes and was ranked as the best investment newsletter for the past 10, 15 and 20 years by the Hulbert Financial Digest, the decision being based on the cumulative returns on the portfolio suggested by the Newsletter.

Prudent Speculator is one of the oldest newsletter services in the country and that itself tells the efficiency of the suggestions provided by the newsletter. Prudent Speculator is known for its knack of picking undervalued stocks which possess the potential for aggressive future growth. The research team is always in the hunt to find the ‘hidden diamonds’ in the share market which has that potential and this is found out through thorough analysis of the financial statements which measures the potential and the actual valuation of stock. The research team comprises of stock market experts who have hands on knowledge on shares and their work and is led by John Buckingham who is also the Chief Editor of the Newsletter.

The newsletter comes in electronic format to your mail which will contain categorized segments which deals with the news, stock suggestions, graphs and Portfolio suggestions. The newsletter suggests and promotes portfolio investment which has a better chance to earn profits and control the losses. The Prudent Speculator Newsletter subscription package comes with the following services:

  • 12 monthly electronic issues of the Newsletter
  • Updated target prices of the suggested stocks
  • E-mails commenting on the market status weekly
  • Complete access to subscribers-only website
  • Portfolio builder which guides the trader in maintaining a winning mix of stocks.

Prudent Speculator newsletter is easily one of the best investing magazines with its unique strategy to pick the undervalued stocks through their advanced research. The newsletter promotes the strategy of buy and holds which is least risky when compared to other technical modes of trading.

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