Investment Publications | The Prudent Speculator Newsletter

Investment Publications | The Prudent Speculator Newsletter

There are a lot of investment publications in the share market which helps the traders in making their business decisions. The Prudent Speculator Newsletter is a famous name in the Investment publication industry with its genuine and accurate suggestions provided for the traders. Prudent speculator was formed on 1977 by Al Frank and Forbes together and is now led by John Buckingham who is the Chief Editor of the publication. Prudent Speculator was ranked first by the Hulbert Financial Digest and the decisions are based on the cumulative returns of the suggested portfolio. The ranking was given for the past 10, 15 and 20 years.

For traders information is the key to any investment decisions and the more researched the information is the more useful it can be for making a trading decision. The information when provided at the right moment is the key to success in the investment world. Prudent Speculator understands this need and provides some of the most refined information to the trader along with investment suggestions based on advanced research from various angles. The newsletter is known for its traditional buy and hold strategy on undervalued shares which has a huge potential for future growth. The research team is dedicated in finding the hidden diamonds in the market and this is done on the basis of their financial standing and their valuing of the shares.

The Prudent Speculator Newsletter subscription is for one year and costs $295 and comes with:

  • 12 monthly newsletters of Prudent Speculator
  • Weekly e-mails on the latest developments on the market.
  • Access to the subscriber only website for customized search.
  • Alerts on any crucial happenings in the market.
  • Portfolio builder section which guides the traders in maintaining an efficient investment portfolio
  • Revised goal prices for the suggested stocks

The next key feature is the portfolio builder which is a key factor in the success of a trader. Portfolios help traders to reduce risks as the efficient portfolio investment I spread across the sectors which reduces the risks. Many disappointments from traders reported was due to the investment in individual stock suggestions which as normal has a chance of loss as market is unpredictable beyond a limit but this can be handled through the maintenance of a proper portfolio.

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