Jack Russell Terrier Checks

Jack Russell Terrier Checks

Jack Russell Terriers Personal Checks

Jack Russel Terriers are among those intelligent adamant dogs with a temperament  First look tells you something else and yes thats true too. Its a cute small dog which wags its tail , barks its way around and is almost always playful.

The energy level of a Jack Russell terrier is unmatched. Though small , the jack Russell terrier is often mistaken to be weak and just a fun dog. The fact though is entirely different. The jack Russell terrier contains energy and is muscular and is a working dog in cases.

Jack Russell Terriers were bred as Fox hunting dogs. Their purpose was to Bolt Foxes from their dens when they went underground. Due to the size of the Jack Russell Terriers, it was easier for them to go through small openings and bolt foxes for hunting. the Tenacious nature of the Jack Russell made it all the more persistent. They were the kind which never gave up. Though initially bred in the United kingdom, The Jack Russell terriers were introduced to the united states after the world War II. Gaining popularity as a home dog later since hunting was not as popular as it was in the early 1900’s the Jack Russell made a great companion for those who needed an energetic companion.

Jack Russell’s are not known for getting tired or sitting in a corner. They were made to run around, Dig and work. Their Stamina was incomparable and till date remain so with careful breeding in the Western World.

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