Lexington Law Firm

Lexington Law Firm

Lexington Law Firm

Lexington Law is a credit repair company that helps in solving credit issues of clients efficiently.

About the Firm

Lexington Law is a credit repair company. In the early 1990’s Lexington Law began offering consumer law practice. With Strict regulatory compliance and innovative solutions,they redefine the credit repair landscape. Lexington Law continues to be a driving force in the credit repair company. Their attorneys work to find items on your credit report that are having a negative effect on your overall credit score. They offer consulting and coaching to their clients. They bring credit repair to an online audience in 1995.

In accordance with each client’s circumstances, they develop credit score coaching programs. With their 25 yrs of experience in the field of credit repair,they were able to help hundreds of thousands of clients. They removed millions of negative items from their client’s credit reports. Lexington Law comes close to disputing the number of credit files which other companies won’t do. Their experience in addressing different types of cases give them the opportunity to refine their services. Client’s trust more in Lexington Law than any other credit repair firm. Their legal strategies help them to increase the effectiveness of case outcomes which improves individual results.

Lexington Law works with a network of 24 lawyers who put their years of experience on the line. They give training to their staff members in consumer advocacy,consumer protection law and current issues in credit reporting. Each Quarter they publish the number of items removed. They also make available the revised listing for public download. By revolutionizing the credit process with patent technology, they reduce the need for huge amounts of paper and mailing procedures. As Lexington is a law firm, they maintain strict adherence to federal laws and state regulations that govern credit repair organizations. For ethical legal practice ,they strictly adhere to the applicable state bar requirements.

 Negative items Removed by Lexington Law from the credit report

  • Late Payments
  • Collections
  • Liens
  • Repossessions
  • Bankruptcy
  • Charge Offs
  • Judgments

How Does Lexington Law work?

  • Free Case Evaluation: First sign-up with Lexington Law. Their experts will help you to obtain your credit reports from the 3 bureaus Equifax, Experian and the TransUnion. Individual’s get one free copy of their credit report per year,completely free because the law adheres for the same. Their next step is collecting specific information, about the particular circumstances for each item in the report.
  • Legal Action: The attorneys then review the credit report and begin generating dispute letters to the creditors and bureaus. Then they craft the strategies which are best applicable to the case,thus obtain a higher success rate for disputes.
  • Credit Score Analysis: Concord Premier clients receive a typify credit score improvement analysis each month. It includes targeted information, which helps their clients to raise their credit scores. Paralegals are also available by phone, email or website. Through this, they provide coaching regarding credit score enhancing tips.
  • Monitor results: Lexington Law provides access to an online web interface, where their clients can track their progress in real-time. It is completely transparent and their clients can view every credit item dispute. They can also watch each negative items, as it gets removed from the credit report.

How much does Bad Credit Cost?

Credit is a necessity, but bad Credit will make life extremely difficult,from getting a job to getting a place to live. Lenders see the applicant with bad credit as riskier, so to pay for this risk they charge higher interest rate. Creditors may also reject loan application if the applicant is having a bad credit report. Having bad credit will leave you homeless because landlords check your credit before signing a lease. Utility companies- electricity, cable, phone etc. will ask for a security deposit before establishing service in your name.

Certain jobs require a good credit history, so there is a possibility to lose the job. Employers check the items that may affect the job performance. Insurance companies also check the credit scores and charge a higher premium for those with lower credit scores. Bad credit limit the bank loan amount, you’re able to borrow to start a new business. Banks also reject the application for a car loan if the applicant is having bad credit. If they give approval also they may charge high interest rate.

Service Levels and Billing

Lexington Law charges a one-time fee for providing initial service After the payment of first work fee, the monthly fee begins. Client can cancel the service at any time.

  • Premium Plus: This includes all credit repair and score coaching services with the Concord Standard and Concord Premium service levels. Clients will also receive their FICO Score each month, based on TransUnion data. Another feature of this service is providing a real time identity fraud alerts and tools to manage personal finances.
  • Concord Premier: This service add Concord Standard’s basic credit repair services, by adding more ways to address their client’s credit problems. On the updation of credit reports client’s receive credit monitoring and actionable alerts. In order to address score damaging credit report inquiries, they provide a monthly credit score improvement analysis and access to Inquiry Assist.
  • Concord Standard: The essentials of ethical credit report repair covers in this service level. On behalf of their clients,Lexington communicates with creditors and credit bureaus to ensure fair, accurate , and substantial credit reports.

For evaluating a credit repair company, the biggest factor is to look at it’s success rate among clients.

Some factors to consider about Lexington Law service:

  • Lexington Law were able to remove over 7 million negative items from credit reports.
  • Clients experience an average of 10.2 items of removal from their report.
  • A+ rating with the BBB.
  • Over 25 years of experience in Credit Restoration.

Fraud Detection Guidelines provided by Lexington Law

  • Beware of credit repair services
  • That request fees in advance.
  • That don’t disclose client’s rights.
  • That advocate new identities.
  • That misrepresent their expertise.
  • That imply FTC endorsement.
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