Making trading in stocks a social experience – etoro

Making trading in stocks a social experience – etoro

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eToro is an online trading company that helps Forex brokers to invest wisely in today’s active market.

Making trading in stocks a social experience – etoro

Trading regardless of the market as we all see is a complex world of numbers, charts, twisted financial jargons and countless many. There is this overwhelming notion in everyone hearing about trading that gives them nightmarish thoughts of losing money. Trading was always considered to be a ‘don’t go’ territory for normal citizens, the truth being many of these normal people are interested in investment and shy away just because of the simple but widespread phenomenon of ‘ Fear of the unknown ‘. People get past this state of mind when they learn about the success stories of other normal people. Social trading is a phenomenon which integrates the seemingly diverse worlds of trading and socializing into on platform which enables a person to communicate and learn from other successful people who started out similarly. The world of social trading offers a wide range of crazy options for a new and inexperienced investor which helps in not only learning about the process of trading but also in earning gains by reciprocating investments of other accomplished investors and this can’t come in a more simpler format than in ‘etoro’. etoro is the world’s largest social trading site and is a dream place for a new investor who is starting out.

How exactly does social trading work?

Social trading is a revolutionary new portal with access to almost all the financial markets that is there. Social trading integrates traders from all over the world under one huge network while providing a platform where the investors can communicate with each other for making smarter decisions together. Social trading facilitates creation of a synergy among investors by helping them in sharing information and in the process helps them to overcome the odds together. Social trading can benefit both new and experienced investors. The best feature available for investing through a social trading network is that you can see what all your fellow investors are up to, to take it one step ahead you can follow any investor that you find has a good trading strategy, not yet let’s take it one more notch ahead, you can ‘copy trade’ him, now this is going to be a term which you will be hearing a lot when you join a social trading network. ‘Copy Trade’ is a process whereby you copy every move of an investor, ok in simple words all his investments will be reciprocated in your account. For e.g.: If the investor you are following invests say in gold, the corresponding investment will also happen in your account and will be registered at the same unit price. Now this feature is extremely beneficial for the novice investors. You can also fix the amount of your funds which has to be put into copy trading. Now isn’t that one great feature!!

etoro- taking social trading to a new level

Now that you got an idea about how social trading works, next you would be wondering how you can become a part of this network. etoro is the world biggest social; trading network currently operating. etoro connects almost 2.73 million users from almost 140 countries; Etoro puts in a lot of effort to facilitate an enjoyable trading experience for their investors. The key features of etoro are that is transparent and simple.

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