MattewLesko Money Tutor Reviewed

MattewLesko Money Tutor Reviewed

Matthew Lesko

Planning to start a business!! Looking for some government or free money?

Don’t worry, MatthewLesko tutor is here to help you!!!

Just read on to know more about MatthewLesko tutor…………..

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  • What most people are looking for?
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Who is MatthewLesko

MatthewLesko is a person, who promotes inspirational videos on how to use government money to tackle the financial problems. He has completed his MBA in computerized management systems. Later he became a professor in the same field and began a career as an entrepreneur. Currently Lesko produces daily you-tube interviewing experts on how to use peer-to-peer networks, crowd-funding, the sharing economy etc. He speaks to small businesses, professionals, job-seekers and start-up groups around the country and in China, Shanghaiabout how to become more prosperous by analyzing the creepy things in the person.

Well, is a perfect platform for all the financial help seekers in America. You will get all the answers to your queries related to government loans, government grants, free money and other grants. Lesko is an expert in this field. He has been doing major researches in the government programs from the past 30 years. Lesko has written over 100 books on this subject. He has developed his circle so broad, that he is providing his services at the door step to the needy people. With immediate access to the website you can collect information about more than 1000 Grants, Government programs, Free money sources, Loans, Applications etc. Through the broad features of this website one can have live online help at their fingertips.

Why Lesko is asking you to become a member of this site?

  • This is the America’s largest government programs database.
  • Gives Instant alerts of new programs
  • Promotes free research help 24 x 7.
  • One can interact through web seminars.
  • Free assistance for filling government applications.
  • Video training from professionals.

What most people are looking for?

Government free money

  • Lesko allows you to search for all the grants and fee you are eligible for.
  • One can go through 17,000 Government grants and all the free money programs.

Crowdfunding to start a business

  • Through Lesko you can get applications for funding
  • A new or existing business.
  • To buy a home.
  • Paying off student loans, credit cards, medical bills and expenses.
  • Complete training for a better job.
  • Free Management consulting, health care, prescription drugs, legal help and personal finance consultation.

Government grants for non-profit

  • Generally, it is known that government grants are applied by everyone. But, it is given to the non-profit organization that meets its eligibility criterion.
  • Lesko can help you in completing all the formalities relating to this issue. He has done a successful research and found out some of the best grants and free money policies.

Here is a collection of some of the books written by Lesko. Lets have a look at them….

Paying your bills and debt

Step-by-Step to apply for $600/Month to pay for groceries includes

  • There is a step-by-step government application for getting $600/Mo grocery money.
  • Consists of more than 300 local website for getting grocery money.
  • 57 Million citizens are eligible for 50% discounts at farmer’s market.
  • How Chef ask the kids to cook and eat healthy on a little budget.
  • Tips to make an additional $ 10,000/ Year Planning in their front or backyard.
  • Interview with government official who can help to grow food.
  • To start a part-time farm business with free land and free mentoring.
  • How to get money by working outdoors with tips to control time.
  • Cash in on the “local food”craze with no land, no store and lots of opportunities.
  • Ways to start up new great home business which takes little money and cashes in on organic boom.

Start a Business, Non-profit Or Invention

Official Guide to funding your own business with free money

  • Here Lesko explains on how to get free money through his instructional videos. Besides this he also explains why Google should not be trusted for business grants.
  • Mentioned below are some of the reasons for the same:
  • He says 90% of the people in your Google search are people who want to grab your money. They will not give you any penny. While most of the grants for business is taken from the state and local governments. They are not offered by the Federal Government bodies.

Buying or fixing up a home

Websites not in Google: $10,000 to fix up or buy a home

With Google its hard to find an appropriate site that offers free money or free help. These videos will give a step-by-step introduction on, how to go to the right sites which offer money and help for free.

College, Education, Training, Jobs

This section includes different books and videos relating to college, training, education and jobs.

One of the best seller among this is Pay for Education/Training with 40 new programs

Certain things which people don’t know about education and training money

  • Your state offers around $17 Million to pay for the College, but the fact is no one applies.
  • One can save $50,000 legally on paying out-of-state tuition.
    You can get $7,000 – $250,000 to train employees for a better job.
  • Government money is available to offer guidance for millions of jobs that go begging.
  • Try to work for Starbucks and get around 4-year college degree paid for.

What is the ultimate solution offered by Lesko for these things

  • Detailed description of all the programs that provide this money.
  • There is a bunch of all the Internet links and contact information needed to apply for these programs.
  • Interviews of experts who will show you how they were able to use these programs effectively.
  • Different strategies needed for handling any difficulties with the application.
  • Video Interviews of officials who gave out the money for the same.

MatthewLesko Tutor Reviews

MatthewLesko has received both negative and positive reviews from its customers. His book named 101 The Best Government Grants For Business has received 5.0 stars out of 5 stars on Here are some of the customer testimonies:

“After seeking help from MatthewLesko I was able to get some grant for my mother, who is a cancer patient”.

“I couldn’t find anything special in this book. The matter is same what I have read in other books”.

MatthewLesko Tutor Discounts

You can buy the above mentioned books from amazon at a discounted price. Besides this, he is offering 30 to 48% off for different courses like Secrets to getting a government loan for any business, The best job of your life using crowdfunding money, Your success depends on fun, free, failure and crowdfunding course etc.

MatthewLesko tutor – Frequently asked questions

What should I do to get a membership? Is there any complication?

There is no problem in getting a membership. Just visit for further details.

What is the customer service phone number?

The customer service number is 800-955-7698. They will be available from Monday – Friday between 9-8 p.m. EST.

I am willing to purchase Lesko’s Video and eBooks. What should I do?

Just click at the site named and get all the relevant details regarding the same.

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