Picking the Undervalued stocks | The Prudent Speculator

Picking the Undervalued stocks | The Prudent Speculator

Investment in shares is process of systematic analysis of factors which affect the prices of a share. A trader who has that skill is bound to achieve success in the investment world. These decisions can only be made if you have the valid information at the right moment. The Prudent Speculator newsletter has been providing the above mentioned service to its subscribers by providing some of the most researched information on the share market and providing suggestions on stocks to pick.

The Prudent Speculator Newsletter is one of the most established and successful investment newsletters who have helped the traders in maintaining a healthy portfolio which is aptly spread across the various sectors. The Prudent Speculator advice is based on the buy and hold strategy and the research team specializes on finding undervalued stocks which has a potential future growth. The research team is led by John Buckingham who is also the chief editor of the newsletter. Prudent Speculator was given the number one rank for the best investment newsletter by the Hulbert Financial Digest for the past 10, 15 and 25 years, the decision being taken on the basis of the total cumulative returns of the portfolio excluding the risks.

The Prudent Speculator Newsletter specializes in the providing of all the investment related information to the subscriber and not only helps the traders by the giving stock suggestions but also giving them information about other factors for making their own investment decisions. The newsletter also provides suggestion on maintaining a portfolio through its ‘portfolio builder’ section of the newsletter. The research team scrutinizes hundreds of shares for their future potentiality and the strategy that the newsletter is promoting is the least risky in the form of buying and hold nature.

One of the key features of the Prudent Speculator is that the employees also participate in the trading with the tips of the newsletter which makes the suggestions genuine. Some of the features that come with the subscription of the Prudent Speculator Newsletter are:

  • 12 monthly issues of the newsletter
  • Updated sell prices on recommended stocks
  • Timely coverage on the suggested portfolio
  • Market commentary sent weekly as e-mail.
  • Access to the subscriber only website for customized searches.
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