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Buy Polka dot checks

Polka Dot Personal Checks

The Polka dot checks are usually associated with a more playful spirit, although they have a sophisticated and disciplined look. This pattern originally consisted of an array of equally spaced circles. They were more uniform sized and spaced closer before, though nowadays, the polka dot pattern may have circles of varying sizes and different spacing’s. They can have different colors as well. Normally, the polka dot design is seen of children’s toys and clothing, though many clothing have adapted the design.

The polka dot is a common design on lingerie, bathing suits and there are formal clothing with the design as well. Formal clothes usually have white on black polka dots. The Polka dot checks are derived from the design that became popular in the late 19th century. The name polka is believed to be linked to the dance form, probably because the time period in which both the dance and the design became popular is the same.

Flamenco dancers are known to use the polka dot pattern in their clothing. This pattern keeps surfacing throughout history: in DC Comics (Polka Dot Man), Bob Dylan wearing a large print green polka dot shirt, Randy Rhoads using a guitar with the pattern, Blues guitarist, Buddy Guy, with a cream dotted guitar, and so on. Dusty Rhodes, a professional wrestler, was given a yellow polka dotted outfit, which became a gimmick. This famous pattern is now denoted in the Polka dot checks.

Polka dots are used in many items like hats and jackets, though they did not last. The pattern remains the fashionable and unique design that it was. There are many modern clothing with the pattern and many designers use it in their work. The colorful version of the pattern is mostly used in everyday and casual clothing while the black and white form is a very popular formal wear. Polka dot skirts, dresses, scarves, shirts and tops were much in demand in 2006 and they were used in pencil skirts as well. The Pipettes brought them into trend.

There are many songs that tribute the polka dot design, as well. The Polka dot checks are unique and contemporary: show your mixed fashion sense with them!

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