– home improvement loans & personal loans – home improvement loans & personal loans Reviews” is one of the leading junctions of United States where a borrower can meet a right investor and an investor can invest in a unique opportunity earning healthy returns at the same time something more than Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds and Stock Market.” is a bureau which provides an opportunity for everyone to prosper, i.e. flourish, grow and succeed in life. with Over $440,000,000 has been funded by “” since 2006 and that’s not the end… the figure is growing exponentially each day.

Have funds… thinking to invest somewhere other than Stock and bonds? Then “” is the right choice. Investing here, you can help many in need; help a hardworking family avoid bearing the heavy rate of interest of credit card debts. And off course by investing with “” means investing for as short as 1, 3 or 5 years term and enjoying great returns.  With “” you can make a monthly income with healthy returns too, at times much ahead than the market. You may be thinking that what about the risk factors while investing but do not worry as “” is different than others only because of the transparency that it offers to all its investors. As an investor you will be exposed to all the financial details of the borrower, such as his or her purpose of loan, financial condition, credit ratings, debt-to-income ratio, etc. This will help you be cautious about all the details before investing at the same time provide full privacy to the borrower. “” also helps you to select a set of borrowers meeting you criteria at one go using the advanced “Quick Invest” option. To start with you just need to create and configure an account with “” and then purchase the Prosper Notes, where each note corresponds to a loan. As soon as “” receives payment from the borrower a part of it would be transferred to your Prosper account immediately. with “” also allows you to buy or sell the prevailing Notes by its affiliation with FOLIOfn Investments; thus facilitating you with an ease of increasing or liquidating your investments on the fly.

Think about investing in a new direction, think about “”. A investment site that is a leader in peer-to-peer lending and provides you extra-ordinary benefits of investment like great return in short durations, consistent returns, monthly cash earnings, less susceptible to market impulsiveness, tax benefits with Prosper Individual Retirement Account. Consumer lending using “” helps generate considerably higher earnings than other short spell fixed in come segments.

Worried about your daughter’s wedding expenses, or about the medical expenses of the family, or about the vacation you had promised your spouse, or about the house renovation… worried about the funds required to expand your business? Hey, do not worry as you need not go across the long and expensive procedures of bank loans… you may wonder that what’s the other option… yes but it’s not even the heavy credit card debts bearing its high interest rates that’s suggested… it’s just a two minutes work on “”. Yes and that’s it. You just need to visit “” and request for a loan by creating what is referred to as Loan Listing, wherein you would be asked to fill in some of your personal details if you are using it for the first time. Based on these details your credit ratings will be checked and you will be given a Prosper rating depending on your credit rating and previous “” rating if any. Your fixed rate of interest will purely depend on your Prosper Rating which means that the more you use Prosper and achieve higher rating the lower be the rate of interest. Yes it can be as low as just 5.65% which you wouldn’t get anywhere else even on hunting. You can customize your loan listing – add a title and describe your need of loan including the cause and situation. This would help the investors on “” viewing you loan listing to analyze your financial background without knowing your actual identity. “” knows that how crucial it is to maintain the privacy at the same time transparency, so “” exposes only your loan listing’s title, description, credit-rating, debt-to-income ratio etc. and nothing related to your personal identity.” offers wide range of loan amount starting from just $2,000 to as much as $25,000 for a period of 1, 3 or 5 years. The loans offered by “” are unsecured loans with a fixed rate of interest. The payoff offered by “” is one of the simplest ones without much of calculations, unlike the complex bank loans. “” offers return payoff in equal monthly installments with fixed rate of interest, where the monthly installment shall depend on your loan period. “” also allow you to make partial payments as well as pay off your loan earlier than the period of loan without any surcharges or penalties. “” does not charge you any processing fee until your loan is passed, i.e. no charges for posting. You can also work with “” by joining their Affiliate Program or becoming a partner with “”.