The Prudent Speculator – Investing Magazine

The Prudent Speculator – Investing Magazine

Stock market is a complex mechanism which links a variety factors together for its working, the factor which links all these factors is the information about these factors. For an investor information is the key for making sound investing decisions. For experiencing success in the share market is only through the custody of the relevant information. One of the primary tasks involved in the picking of information is the knowledge about the information which is needed. Information identification is the crucial task as the market is flooded with information.

This is where the Prudent Speculator helps an investor by doing the hard part that is the research on the information. The Prudent Speculator understands the needs of the customers and does research on the various factors of the stock exchange and also the latest important financial news which all play a crucial role in the movement of the market. The Prudent Speculator’s research is done by a team of experts who has hand on experience in the market and is led by John Buckingham who is one of the modern day investment gurus who is also the CIO of AFAM capital which itself is a huge Asset Management Company.

The team of experts scrutinizes hundreds of shares everyday through many angles to measure the genuine worth of the company and the future potential of the share. The Prudent Speculator Newsletter is a monthly subscription which has the summary of the research done by the team.
The newsletter contains the latest news which has an impact on the prices of the shares; another section of the newsletter expresses graphical information on various factors like relationships between different stock groups (Mid-Caps and Small-Caps). Graphical representations also express comparison of information related to different time periods to know the long term changes.

The Newsletter also gives suggestions on the selecting shares for investing based on their researches. The suggestions are based on the future potential of the share to gain growth. Every month the subscribers are provided with a suggestion of forty stocks which they can consider for investing. The subscribers are also given advice on portfolio investment where the subscribers are given suggestions on the selection of sectors which can help in the controlling of unprecedented losses.

Overall the Prudent Speculator Newsletter provides all the necessary information for the subscriber to help them take sound investing decisions. The newsletter also sends weekly e-mail alerts on any important news along with complete online access to the research data with a subscriber log in.

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