The Prudent Speculator Newsletter – Everything that an investor needs

The Prudent Speculator Newsletter – Everything that an investor needs

The Prudent Speculator Newsletter – Everything that an investor needs


Investments decisions are made on the basis of a big network of related information and the success of you decision entirely depends on the accuracy and the timely acquiring of the necessary information. Information is the main and the foremost factor that decides the momentum of the market and acquiring the right information at the right time is the challenge which an investor has to face to taste success in the investment world and that is where Prudent Speculator Newsletter comes into play and gives you all that information which is needed for making quick and efficient decisions. Prudent Speculator was started as a joint venture by Forbes and AL Frank in the late 1970s and since then has witnessed phenomenal growth even bagging the much sought number one ranking in the Hulbert Financial Digest as the best newsletter for the past 20,25 and 30 years as per their report on 31-12-2013.

The Prudent Speculator Newsletter covers almost all the sectors which have an influence on the market’s movement and also on the intensity of that momentum. Prudent Speculator Newsletter team is comprised of experts who have hands on experience in share market and other related systems which easily makes them the perfect team to guide you in making your investment decisions. The team is led by John Buckingham who is considered as one of the modern day investment guru who also happens to be the chief investment officer of AFAM (Al Frank Asset Management) Capital. The Prudent Speculator team scrutinizes hundreds of shares for their strengths and future potential for growth and provides this information in a consolidated form which helps the investors in easy comparison.

Some of the highlighting features of Prudent Speculator Newsletter are:

  • Analysis: The research team as I mentioned above scrutinizes hundreds of shares for its position and its ability for future growth and also for various other aspects of a share. This information is then consolidated and provided to the investor which enables him for easy comparison.
  • Graphical Presentation: The newsletter also gives you graphical comparisons of various factors which have a say in the movement of the market and this can help the customers in finding relationships between those factors and can form their decisions accordingly.
  • Stock Suggestions: This is a service which is mainly aimed at new and flourishing investors where the 40 stock suggestions are provided every month based on the thorough scrutiny of these shares and all these shares are selected knowing their massive growth potential for the future. These suggestions can do wonders for a new investor who would find it difficult to pick a share.
  •  Portfolio Suggestions: This is another service which is a little advanced in nature where suggestions are provided on the pattern of your investment and also tells which all sectors should be selected as this can control your chances of losses. An efficient portfolio can always ensure continuous returns if you spread you risk and invest wisely.

Prudent speculator Newsletter comes in the form of monthly electronic issues along with weekly alerts on new and crucial news both global and domestic. The Newsletter team also provides exclusive subscriber access with login for custom searches on the topics of their choice. So Prudent Speculator Newsletter clearly is one of the best in the business and has proved to be a loyal friend of an investor by giving him the specific and crucial information which can help him see clear when taking a stand in the market.

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