Purchase Bulldog Checks

Purchase Bulldog Checks

Bulldogs Personal Checks

The Bulldog checks portray one of the most famous dogs in the world. These dogs are known for their dignified appearance and patient disposition. They are great companions for kids and they get very attached to their family. In fact, they get so attached they do not often venture out of the yard without company. The Bulldogs are charming and love to sleep on people’s laps. They are a great favorite among dog lovers and animal enthusiasts, thus, the Bulldog checks were born.

In reality, the Bulldogs were much more aggressive, they were made more pacific by breeders who worked to remove the aggression from the breed. Bulldogs probably got their name from their common use in bull baiting around the 18th century. This was a sport in which a bulldog was released into the arena containing an aggressive bull and the bull dog had to grab the tethered bull by the nose and pin it to the ground. This was very cruel on the dogs as they commonly got gored, maimed or trampled to death. They suffered very serious injuries and over the years, developed a stockier body, bigger heads and jaws, making them more ferocious.
Bulldog Checks

The Cruelty to Animals Act of 1853 effectively put an end to bull baiting and the bull dogs became more friendly pets and companions. You can find the good nature of these dogs on the Bulldog Checks where they are posed in several costumes and funny acts of cuteness. Bulldogs are muscular, heavy dogs and they have a wrinkled face with a wide, stumpy nose.

You will notice on the Bulldog Checks that these dogs have a pronounced lower jaw, as part of the breed’s natural prognathism. They have a wide head and shoulders. They have saggy, thick skin on the brow and above the nose, with hanging skin off the lips and below the neck. They have seemingly wise and wide set black eyes and pointed teeth. The Bulldog checks also show the different colored coats of the dog, red, white, fawn, sometimes piebald and brindled, too. The Bulldog also have a short tail, straight or screwed.

You can get the Bulldog Checks online at different rates for the features and have them custom made with necessary details.

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