Buy Suzy’s Zoo Checks

Buy Suzy’s Zoo Checks

Suzy’s Zoo Checks

Suzy Zoo checks, as the name suggests is a kind of personal checks that are designed with the characters of Suzy Ducken, Herkimer, Polly Quacker and Ollie Marmot. These are designed in such a way that they are in white backgrounds with colorful thick side borders.

Suzy Zoo

Suzy Zoo checks are named after Suzy Spafford, a famous American cartoonist who is well known for drawing animal characters. Her line of products includes greeting cards, stickers, stationary, calendars and similar range of other products. She is also a good writer who has published story books for children.

Her drawings are presented in a funny way and cute way which includes more than 200 animal characters like ducks, rabbits, teddy bears, turtles, ostriches etc. Suzy Zoo characters are so attractive that these characters look so colorful with bright colors. They appear in colorful dresses giving happy expressions hence bringing a smile in the face of the user. Her first developed animal character was Suzy Ducken- a cross between a chicken and a duck. In the initial stages, she used to draw characters of her own but on the later stage, she started keeping subordinates to manage her business.
Suzy's Zoo
Personal Checks- Intro

These are checks drawn against money deposited in your personal account. A personal check is in a written order on a printed format issued by an individual ordering for the payment of money against funds deposited in his personal account. He will receive the amount ordered once the check undergoes the clearing process which may be up to 10 days. If there is no sufficient amount in his account, the check will be returned back.

Suzy Zoo Checks- features:

  • Chemical protection: The indicators shown in the Suzy Zoo checks appear as stains if exposed to printer inks.
  • Erasure protection: prevents modification of data.
  • Micro print signature line: the tiny words appearing on the checks will not be legible if you try to scan or photocopy.
  • Time saving
  • Duplicate checks are available for many designs.
  • Helps you in accessing check images describing the details on the check.

Delivery :

  • Suzy Zoo checks will be issued on delivery within 10 business days.
  • Prevents identity theft and helps in protecting the private information of account holders.
  • If you are in a hurry for checks, Suzy Zoo checks offers in-plant rush service which just takes approximately 3-5 business days.
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