Order Tinker Bell Checks

Order Tinker Bell Checks

Disney Tinker Bell Checks

Tinker Bell checks are one type of personalized checks named by a Disney character – Tinker Bell or Tink. Tinker Bell checks are attractive checks designed with a mixture of floral designs and the lead role- Tinker Bell in the background.

Tinker – the character:

Tinker Bell who plays the lead role in the Walt Disney company cartoon – ‘ ‘Peter Pan’ in the year 2008 founds to be a charming little angel with wings on her back. She is a very pleasing type of girl in both beauty and cuteness. Her physical looks are like slim, short and fair skinned. But at times she burst up due to her anger. She has a talent to make and fix things. Even though, she at times behaves oddly showing jealousy and anger, she is very kind hearted and helpful. What makes her look beautiful is her blue eyes with happy expressions as if she is blushed.
In the screens, she looks to be a fairy type girl who fly and produce dust and show multiple emotions on her face. She is well known for her silent character and hence has been the iconic character for the Walt Disney Company.

Personal Checks

As the name suggests, these are a kind of checks that are personalized for individual purposes. It is a written order issued by the customer demanding for the payment of the money against the funds deposited in his personal account in a printed format. To get his amount ordered, the checks need to clear all the banking formalities. These formalities may extend up to 10 days. If the bank finds that the person is not having enough balance in his account, he will not get the amount and the check will be returned back.
Side Tear Tinker Bell
Features – Tinker Bell checks:

  • Tinker Bell checks create an entertaining mood
  • Matching address labels and checkbook cover are available for Tinker Bell checks.
  • Enhanced security features
  • The markings shown on Tinker Bell checks appear to be stains when exposed to ink solvents.
  • Tinker Bell checks are time saving checks
  • Availability of duplicate checks
  • Prevents erasing of data

Delivery of Tinker Bell checks:

  • Tinker Bell checks are delivered within 10 days of business.
  • Tinker Bell checks are tracked securely within 4-6 days of business.
  • These checks offer In-Plant Rush Service
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