Trade & Its Services

Trade & Its Services

TradeGreeks is an options trading newsletter exclusively for investors who are into options trading. The newsletter is published on the basis of thorough technical and fundamental analysis of the market and of the economy. TradeGreeks provide the users with easy to understand structure of writing which is both suitable for new users and also for advanced users who seek out challenging options to trade for earning more income even in the most unfavorable condition.

Why Options?
An option is one of the modern day instruments of trading in a stock exchange. Options enable customers with a number of advantages. Main advantages would be:

  • Capital requirement: The main advantage an investor possesses would be that the capital required is much less compared to the traditional method. An investor has to just maintain a margin of the volume of trade he is doing.
  • Flexibility: With an option an investor can create an income in the most unfavorable condition if he can predict the change properly. So an option is really flexible which makes it really useful for a customer.
  • Risk involved: An investor is only at a risk of losing the option fee if he fails to exercise the option. Therefore the risk involved is only up to the amount of the option fee that an investor agrees.

A TradeGreeks subscriber would receive the following:

  • An expert daily commentary
  • In depth analysis of the current position of the market
  • Free auto trading Setup
  • Free weekly market snapshot
  • Trading alerts


  • OPTIONS SPEED:¬†Options speed is an option newsletter which provides investors with information regarding options buy which has huge profit making potentials. Options speed also provides information about different strategies an investor can adopt to make profits in the market. It also provides information regarding various auto trade sites which enables investors to trade online and save a lot of time. Options speed also helps an investor in evaluating his existing strategy by correspondence with the experts of the company.
  • OPTION MAGIC:¬†Options Magic is a daily newsletter which offers hedging strategies to investors. Now the main aim of option magic is to provide strategies which can used to avoid losses. Hedging strategies play a huge role in maintaining profitability even though there is downward trend in the market.

Information is very crucial in trading and it is also important that you get the right information at the right time for ensuring success in the trading world. TradeGreeks is definitely a plus to an investor as now he is getting customized information according to his needs which is very helpful for an investor to decide the strategy he needs to achieve his financial goals.