Vector Vest – Stock Analysis Software

Vector Vest – Stock Analysis Software

Vector Vest Analysis software

Bart DiLiddo is the founder and creator of Vector Vest. He is one of the top investment experts in the world. He develops powerful formulas, by using his business experience and mathematical expertise. These formulas help to analyze the performance of individual stocks, to measure their risk, and identify market ups and downs with leading accuracy. Bart has a Fortune 500 business background. He is a winner of ‘The Wall Street Journal’s’ ‘Dart Board’ stock selection contest.

About Vector Vest

Vector Vest is a stock analysis and portfolio management system. Their software is capable of sorting, analyzing and ranking over 20,000 stocks. Every day, Vector Vest displays buy, sell, hold recommendations on each stock. It provides the user tools and techniques to test their ideas before trading. After collecting data the software issues, buy, hold or sell signals. They issue the signals for trading, only after a thorough evaluation of the market along with stock’s value, timing, and safety. Its simplicity and automation make it easy to pick stocks and strategies very fast. There is no hidden agenda and no conflicts of interest.

The software estimates the best strategy, on the basis of the variety and depth of information. They provide free online training classes and presentations, to their investors in the Vector Vest University. Vector Vest calculates two measures of value for each stock in their database. First is the measure of a stock’s current worth ie; value. It is the element in discounted cash flows, earnings, earnings growth, profitability, inflation and interest rates. The second measure is Relative Value, it is the measure of a stock’s long -term price appreciation potential. It helps to determine whether a stock is over or undervalued.

Additional Information

This System tracks, analyzes and charts over 1000 ETFs. ETFs represent a basket of stocks. It provides the service, that gives each ETF a clear buy, sell or hold signal every day. Trading on ETF is exactly like a stock and each one has a symbol. No margin is needed, no special permissions, no expiration dates. Some ETFs even pay a dividend. Relative Timing (RT) is an important factor in the case of ETFs. RT is a fast, smart, accurate indicator of stock’s price trend. Vector Vest not only does sorting and ranking of ETFs but provide money making ETF strategies.

Products of Vector Vest

  • Vector Vest 7: This product analyzes, sorts, ranks and graphs over 20,000 stocks by using up to 41 parameters. It provides market timing updates, for trading entry and exit points to avoid risk. On Vector Vest 7 homepage, the user can see the up-to-date change in market conditions and their effects on stocks .
  • Vector Vest Mobile: Vector Vets mobile puts all the guidance and power of Vector Vest on the user’s mobile. For all the tools, the user needs to time the market correctly.
  • RoboTrader: The RoboTrader apply the intelligence of Vector Vest, to help the investor in making money. No need to pay time and attention over the stocks.
  • RealTime Derby: This product runs all the Vector Vest’s strategies (long&short) and view the results in a clear, concise format in real -time.
  • Watchdog: It is a monitoring, analyzing and documentation tool. It analyzes the stocks to see if the price has met MACD & Support/Resistance criteria.
  • ProTrader 7: It is an easy-to-use, intuitive search engine. It runs over 28(18 long / 10 short) built in technical searches.

Other Products

  • Options Analyzer: Option Analyzer offers 10 different analysis graphs. These graphs show how a change in stock’s price and expiry time affects the option position.
  • OptionsPro: This tool helps to increase the probability of success in options trading. It will highlight the stocks, with the highest probability of delivering profits.
  • Auto Timer: Combination of the auto timer with Portfolio Genius will help to manage the user’s portfolio with flawless precision.
  • Simulator: The Vector Vest Simulator helps in trading, by using the market timing method of the user’s choice.
  • Variator: By integrating with the Simulator, the Vector Vest Variator allows to set up and run multiple simulations.
  • Personal Portfolio Analysis: This software offers the in-depth portfolio analysis.

Benefits of Vector Vest

It is a tool, which helps to make, faster, smarter and considerably better stock market decisions to earn a profit. They help to locate the ideal stocks. The clients don’t have to spend time trying for the same. Vector Vest has already executed the work for many people. They give a clear buy, sell and hold signals, which is very important. Vector Vest is the only system that analyzes ranks and graphs over 20,000 stocks everyday for value, safety, and timing.

It the only procedure that combines, necessary and technical analysis, to render a complete picture of each and every stock. The users can trust on Vector Vest because they keep them on the right side of the market. The stock market analysis system is a proven one. The result is maximum profit with minimum risk. The mathematical models of Bart help to identify what results in a stock’s price to get higher or fall. Vector Vest is BBB accredited. Stocks and Commodities magazine honored them with Readers Choice Award.

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