Get Zebra Print Checks Online

Get Zebra Print Checks Online

Zebra Print Checks

Zebra Print checks, as the name suggests, is a personal check that is designed with zebra prints. It comes up in the form of light background with dark bold stripes. It creates a sense of wildness effect. Matching zebra print address labels and checkbook covers are available for zebra print checks. Zebra Print checks are available in fun and trendy designs to capture all trendy customers. The price of Zebra Print checks are very reasonable and costs to less than $5.99

Zebra Print check – a Personal check

A personal check is a normal type of bank check that is used by account holders for their individual purposes. A personal check comes in a written order in a printed form issued by the account holder ordering for the payment of amount for the funds available or deposited in his personal checking account. Once the check is issued by the account holder for the payment of money, the bank undertakes a clearing process to make sure there is no defects or misappropriations. This clearing process will take at least 10 business days. Once the clearing process is fulfilled, he will get the amount that he has claimed for. If he fails the clearing process, he will not receive the amount. The check will be returned back. The check can also be returned back if there is no sufficient amount in the account.
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Zebra Print checks – Features:

  • Zebra Print checks are very reasonable.
  • Zebra Print checks are time-saving checks.
  • Zebra Print checks prevents alteration of the data to avoid confusions.
  • The indicators shown in the Zebra Print checks appear as stains if exposed to printer inks
  • Duplicate checks are available for many designs.
  • Zebra Print checks offers Micro Print signature-line. This means that the smallest words mentioned in the check will not be legible for photocopying or scanning.

Zebra Print Checks- Delivery:

  • Zebra Print checks will be issued on delivery within 10 days of business.
  • Secrecy of information: Zebra Print checks will ensure that the personal details of the account holder will not be shared.
  • Zebra Print checks meets the urgent requirements of the customer by providing In-Plant Rush service.
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